Program FAQs

If the mission of JROTC is to “motivate young people to be better citizens,” how do we accomplish this mission?

By instilling discipline, respect for self and authority, accepting responsibility and being accountable for their actions and learning to work as part of a team.
Are we recruiting for the Armed Forces?

NO! We do not recruit for the Armed Forces. However, some of our students do elect to join one of the military services. If they do join, they enter the service with an accelerated promotion which means and immediate $350.00 monthly raise.
What skills will you learn in JROTC?

Leadership Citizenship Organizational Skills
Self Discipline Self Esteem and Self Confidence Team Building Skills
Leadership Ethics Respect/Courtesy Punctuality/Grooming
Methods of Instruction Physical Fitness Computer Skills
Managing Peer Pressure Stress Management Map Reading
Orienteering Marksmanship Safety Economics
How to Overcome Adversity Military History Personal Finance
Character Values Lifetime Personal Fitness Test Preperation

CPR/First Aid/AED Red Cross Certification

Drug and Alcohol Abuse
Service Learning

Wearing of uniform?
Students are required to wear the uniform once a week.

What are the benefits of being in JROTC?

You develop life skills that will help you in obtaining employment. As an Honor Unit with Distinction, the Senior Army Instructor can nominate cadets to all military academies. Additionally, you have a distinct advantage when applying for a ROTC scholarship. In the past 5 years we have had over $2.3 million in academy appointments, ROTC scholarships and other scholarships awarded to cadets.

What does it cost to be in JROTC?

There is no cost to be in JROTC. We issue the cadet the entire uniform and any awards he/she receives in the program.

What activities do we have in JROTC?

We sponsor a number of activities throughout the year, some of which are:

Annual 5 day summer camp at Fort Richardson, Lock-ins, Drill Teams/Color Guard and Athletic Competitions, Senior Trips, Military Ball (Formal Dance), and Monthly Recognition Ceremony and Community Service.

What Academic Credit do you get for being in JROTC?

Upon successful completion of 2 years of JROTC, students will receive 2 elective credits and a waiver of 1.0 credits of their PE requirement.
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